Claremont Fleas

claremont flea control

You can learn how to prevent fleas from ever infesting your property by calling us today!

Number One Pest Control receives many inquiries about flea treatment options. Fleas are an annoying aggravation and you should not have to fight them. Number One Pest Control offers treatment for most types of fleas.

Fleas are wing-free insects that have mouths designed for piercing skin and blood sucking. Claremont fleas can easily become implanted inside a man or women’s head of hair within 10 minutes. This will cause irritation.

Let Claremont Pest Control removal with your flea problem right now! Removing a flea infestation in your house is not easy. For every single flea discovered there probably is more hidden. Do not let fleas invade your home. Call Number One Pest Control at (909) 287-3620 today!

Claremont Ants

Ants are without a doubt an undesirable pest to be seen wandering all over your kitchen area plus various other areas of your home. Telephone our specialists at Number One Pest Control today if you are fed upped of fighting a losing battle against the ants in your house.

claremont ant control

Phone (909) 287-3620 for quality Claremont ant control solutions.

Lots of Ways Claremont Ants Can Breach Your Home

Ants will make their way into homes through the tiniest of fractures. Ants will begin their look for a food supply as soon as they have found their method into your house. Ants choose anything oily or sugary which is why they generally make their look in the kitchen location or anywhere food is kept or that meals are prepared.

Simply in case you just weren’t mindful, when wandering around your house, ants leave behind an undetected chemical compound normally called an ant path. Ant tracks are in fact really helpful, permitting the ants to find their way back to the food each time. In order to discover their method back, they just merely follow the trail. Other ants can also detect this trail and in turn discover a food source for their nest too.

Claremont Ant Colonies

Ants always live in a nest; from where there’s one, there can be lots more! Generally, there are anything from 300,000 to 500,000 ants in one nest alone. Usually, an employee ant can live up to 7 years and queens are able to live as long as 15 years.

Ants will certainly use up residency nearly throughout the home and will stay concealed for rather some time. The ants can likewise quickly and rapidly relocate if they feel that their home is in danger.

Lifestyles of Claremont Ants

An ant will certainly need to go through four different stages in a lifetime. First they will certainly start as an egg, then go into the larvae stage; next will be the pupae phase and finally it will certainly become an adult. Eggs of an ant will be oval in appearance and appear a bright white in color. Ant larvae will hatch out approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the eggs have been laid. Pupae will look comparable to a full adult ant, minus the white colored body and folded up antennae and legs. So as to get to the developed life-stage, ants should go through the pupae phase. An ant nest consists of 3 different kinds of ants; males, employees and queens. A queen ant is only accountable for yielding the egg cells in the nest while a male ant’s responsibility is to procreate with the queens. Employee ants are the ones that you discover wandering around your cooking area or serving location. Worker ants are exclusively liable for gathering food for the colony however likewise help keep the ant larvae nourished and ensure that the colony is clean.

DIY Solutions to Removing Ants

If you have discovered ants attacking your house then maybe you have actually also discovered various methods to get rid of these ants which include various nonprescription items and even more ‘organic’ ant removal solutions. Which ever approach you have tried, both have actually been proven to just be attacking the ants that you have actually physically seen and not the ants that are still stashed hidden in the nest.

Our specialists here at Number One Pest Control are standing by to answer your call. Do not get left in the dark when it concerns finding a method to remove these undesirable supper visitors; call us now at (909) 287-3620.

Claremont Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the horrors that you could have to deal with if you reside in Claremont. If you have cockroaches, don’t get down on yourself. It’s not necessarily your fault. Cockroaches may still take over your home even if you frequently keep your home clean. Just because you keep your apartment or home clean doesn’t mean that your neighbors keep a clean lifestyle as well. Cockroaches are becoming increasingly more common with the higher number of foreclosed houses and buildings. Cockroaches that live in these foreclosed homes will run out of food, and then they’ll come looking for food in your home. Luckily, cockroaches are only a temporary problem. If they’re attacked aggressively you can quickly be free of roaches.

claremont cockroach control

Say goodbye to roaches when you phone (909) 287-3620 for our expert Claremont cockroach solutions!

Cockroaches in Claremont

Cockroaches can thrive in conditions that other pests can’t because cockroaches are extremely adaptable. This is the reason cockroaches are sometimes difficult to detect, and also hard to get out of your house.

Claremont cockroaches aren’t just nauseating, but they’re also hazardous to have on your property. Cockroaches carry harmful bacteria that is quite easily transferred to humans. Roaches can contaminate bowls, home counters, and food itself. In individuals, this could lead to food poisoning and diarrhea.

How to Prevent Claremont Cockroaches

Every opening or crack in your residence could be a position where roaches can easily penetrate. To help keep roaches out of your residence it is best to take the appropriate steps to caulk and repair any holes or spaces near piping, baseboards, house windows, and doors. You should also remove any unwanted scrap paper or cardboard around your home, as well as your garage, attic or basement. Another key to protect against cockroaches is to make perfectly sure that food is kept in sealed containers.

Claremont Cockroach Removal

In our experience, in-store solutions for roaches are unsuccessful. Our roach solution is more powerful than almost everything you’ll be able to buy in a retail outlet. There was one customer who mentioned he previously paid more than $500 on do-it-yourself cockroach solutions and he still had cockroaches in his home! The Claremont cockroach treatment solutions we provide are cost-effective and we guarantee all of our work. It’s not necessary to have to deal with cockroaches another day! Give us a call at (909) 287-3620 right away and we’ll dispatch our cockroach experts to get rid of your problem.

Claremont Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

Assuming you have lived in Claremont for any amount of time, you’re probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. If you have a stinging insect problem and you’re looking for a top-quality Claremont bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place! Number One Pest Control has bee exterminators who work tirelessly to defend the residents of Claremont from the menace of stinging insects. We’re able to offer bee removal services at both residences and industrial offices.

claremont bee control

Never approach a nest or hive of bees or other stinging insects!

Our staff work through the entire Claremont, California area to removal all types of stinging insects. We are able to get rid of Killer (Africanized) bees, yellow jackets, honeybees, wasps, and hornets. Not only will our Claremont bee removal experts remove the existing threat, but they’ll also help to keep the bees or wasps from coming back in the future. Our experts will also clean-up the mess that the bees often leave behind. This usually involves removing any present nests and fecal matter.

We have included a list below of the items you ought to check when confronted with a bee problem:

  1. Bees are typically not aggressive unless they feel threatened. If you discover a swarm or nest of bees, back up and stay away. Do not attempt to swat at or spray the bees. Be careful of Africanized bees because they do not necessarily have to be provoked to attack. These bees tend to be far more aggressive.
  2. Whenever you eliminate any stinging insect away from your home or business, you must also have the nest as well as any other remains removed, or the insect will come back. When obtaining estimates, ensure that the companies include this particular service within their quote or it could end up costing you a lot more than you expect.
  3. Once we arrive at your residence we’ll make sure that it’s absolutely sealed off, and that there aren’t any open windows or openings in walls that the bees could enter. Protecting your family members and pets is our #1 concern.
  4. Do not be deceived by the bee and wasp insecticides available in shops. The in-store products will simply have a temporary impact on the bees. They will also not clear away the nest itself, which can be crucial. Also, in the event the product does not work properly, spraying the bees will simply enrage them further. As mentioned previously, generally, bees only attack after they sense danger. Bee removal is best left to pros.
  5. Don’t ever approach a bee hive. Africanized bees may look comparable to honey bees, yet are far more aggressive. We’ve had people get stung greater than twenty-five times because they tried to get rid of a beehive with a broom. We’re not able to stress this enough: Avoid beehives. Bee attacks could be deadly to humans.

We don’t just send out a normal pest control technician to take care of your bee removal job. We have bee removal professionals who are specially trained and credentialed to manage stinging insect troubles. Our Claremont bee removal specialists take it upon themselves to help keep your family safe from the threat of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.

Odds are, if you have seen a number of bees around your house or office, then chances are you have a bee swarm or bee nest in the area. Just one nest of bees will contain thousands of bees! We probably don’t need to tell you how dangerous a bee nest near your home could be to your family and pets. It isn’t uncommon for bees to hover all around a plant or tree for several days and then leave. However, if you’ve noticed that the bees have been in the area for more than a day or two, then they’ve likely taken up residence. When it seems that the bees have taken up residence, then you’ll want to think about your bee removal or bee extermination choices.

If bees undertake residence in part of your structure, like within the fireplace, wall or attic, then you’ll wish to call a Claremont bee removal professional at (909) 287-3620 right away to limit damages to your structure. You don’t have to worry about being charged an inspection fee. Just give us an accurate description on the phone about the location and size of the hive, and we can give you an estimate. We offer flat rates and warranties on our bee removal services, which means you know we’ll do it right and you’ll know exactly how much it is going to cost. Give us a call at (909) 287-3620 now and we’ll demonstrate the reasons why we’re the favorite bee removal company in Claremont.

Claremont Rodent Control

Having Claremont rodents in your home generally is a drag. Mice and rats are known to cause damage to your house, as well as transmit diseases. If your mice or rats find electronic cables they will chew them, causing quite a lot of damage.

claremont rodent control

You can avoid costly damage and health risks from rodents with rodent prevention services.

Mice and rats are also embarrassing to have in your house. Neighbors and friends will make assumptions about your hygiene. If you want to remove the rats and mice then you need to give our Claremont rodent control experts a call at (909) 287-3620.

Mice and Rats Removal in Claremont, California

Rodents are typically good at staying where humans can’t get to them easily. Some people choose to try to capture the rats and mice themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to wasted time, money, and of course, frustration.

One of our Claremont rodent exterminators is going to be able to get rid of your rodent problem in a clean, hassle-free manner. Our Claremont rodent removal professional will assess the facts about your home and determine the best solution for your needs. Give us a call at (909) 287-3620 and we’d be glad to schedule your appointment or answer any questions.

Claremont Spider Control

claremont spider control

We encourage you to call us right away if you’ve discovered a poisonous spider.

Many Claremont residents fear or dislike spiders. However, most spiders are helpful because of their role for eating other insects. In most cases, spiders are harmless to humans. The poisonous venomous spider that you might come into contact with in Claremont is the black widow.

In most cases, poisonous spiders like the black widow aren’t going to come into homes. When they are found in homes they are found in dark areas such as garages, basements and closets. More commonly, Claremont black widows are discovered in piles of firewood or in sheds. To protect yourself, make sure that members of your family always wear gloves when grabbing firewood or reaching into other dark areas. As you’re probably aware, black widows are distinguished by a jet-black body with a red hourglass shape on its underside. If you see one of these in or near your home then you should call us at (909) 287-3620 immediately.

Claremont Black Widow Removal

No matter if you have harmless or poisonous spiders, we will remove the spiders so that you don’t have to deal with them. Call us at (909) 287-3620 today to get any questions answered and schedule your appointment.

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